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Our company

About us

Who are we?

El-Set is a private owned company who is engaged in the production of electrical equipment. We produce cable harnesses, fulfilling the customer requests arise from development and technical documentation of the customer. All products meet both the requirements of international standards and special standards of the customer.

Given the many years of experience in servicing various markets, domestic and foreign, we are able to meet customer requirements no matter the complexity and volume.

We are continuously striving to ensure our customers the best products and outstanding service, offering maximum support and focusing on the goal „satisfied customer in the field of quality, reliability of deliveries, commercial terms and condition and support in development”. This, in turn, results with the fact that we are selected as preferred supplier for excellence in the price, quality and expertise of our employees from many of our customers in their supplier selection process.


How we do it?

Thanks to our full customized service – starting early in the development process, in the concept and design phase, prototyping and samples through to manufacture, testing and finally, packaging and delivery – we make it easier for our customers to purchase the cable harnesses we supply them. Also, we have the technical capabilities to provide support throughout the entire product lifetime.

Competitive prices, high quality with “0” errors target, deliveries on time and continual improvement – make our service excellent and make us as an efficient, dedicated and reliable partner to whom customers trust. Following assets help us to achieve this:

  • years of manufacturing experience
  • qualified and well-trained staff in every business
  • continual education, training and development of employees
  • technical experts who provide support in every stage of the product life cycle
  • fully equipped with machinery, tooling and testing
  • efficient production capable to produce different types of products with small and large volumes
  • communication built in business, including all employees
  • electronic data processing system
  • working in accordance with ISO 9001
  • convenient geographic and traffic position and physical proximity to EU market
  • healthy financial structure and stable position
  • stable position, innovative, highly focused and dedicated Management, capable of responding to the rapidly growing needs and demands of the market

Our working environment

It all starts with people. They are our most valuable assets and our success depends on the success of our workforce.

At El-Set, we let our employees know how respected and important they are for success, in actions and words, resulting in dedicated, committed and satisfied employees. We attach great importance to honest and just relationship with all employees.

Achieving goals and results can only be expected from well-trained and motivated personnel. Thus, as part of the long-term development strategy, our priority is investing in the development of professional, business and human competences of all employees, so that they can become experts in their field of work.

Our history

The company started life in the early seventies of the last century as part of a group Elcon, joint-stock company, which was a longtime and significant producer of electrical equipment specialized for the automotive industry.
El-Set, as a independent entity, was established on the 01st of January 2007. By buying 70% ownership of Elcon Kabelski setovi by Mr Krunoslav Petrokov, the company was separated from the parent company Elcon.

The ownership structure has changed since the beginning – the ownership structure of mixed shareholding in the company has been reduced over the years and it became a one person owned company. In 2014 the ownership was taken over by Ms Karmen Moler.

After separating, the company changed its name from Elcon Kabelski setovi to El-Set.

Value framework – Vision, mission and core values

Our mission

  • To meet the expectations and demands of customers, employees and owners by recognizing and using our strenghts based on a permanent growth, improvement and increased competitiveness.

 Our vision

  • To be one of the most desirable suppliers of cable harnesses in Europe with complete confidence of current and future customers, based on excellence in pricing, quality and expertise of employees, from the design phase to product delivery.

We specialize in making cable harnesses, whereby our customers are extremely important to us – they are our partners with whom we work on a daily and continual basis, creating together new values and striving to be one of the best in the area we operate.

The basics beyond our vision are customer satisfaction, price, quality, expertise of our employees and full service, as well as core values, as its permanent part and what defines us and drives.

 Our core values

  • We care for all of our stakeholders. Trust
  • We care for people. Respect
  • We care about perfomance, Excelence
  • We value innovation and knowledge. Learning
  • We value the right way of doing things. Integrity
  • We value team and winning spirit. Teamwork
  • We value positivism. Positive attitude

These are fundamental values that truly reflect our deep essence and lead us into fulfilling our mission and transforming our vision into reality.


Turnover: 2,57 mil €
EU market: 85%
Domestic market: 15%

Employees: 90
Direct workers: 80%
Production site surface: 1.000 m2


EL-SET d.o.o.

Adress: Josipa Kraša 3, 49247 Zlatar Bistrica, Croatia

VAT: 68903317274

Bank: PBZ d.d., Radnička cesta 50, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Bank acconut EUR: IBAN: HR35 2340 0091 110315434, SWIFT: PBZGHR2X

Bank acconut HRK: HR35 2340 0091 110315434

Registered with the Commercial Court in Zagreb under no. Tt-96/387-2

Founding capital: 2.670.000,00 HRK

Member of the Management Board: Karmen Moler