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Variety of product types and volumes

Nowadays, changes in the market are all the more powerful, customers become increasingly demanding in terms of expectations and demands places on the product being produced and by that we have to respond very quickly and efficiently to the more demanding challenges ahead.

From low to high volume, from the simple to the highly complex, our product providing is customer driven. Our manufacturing know-how enables it to fast support, starting from design stage shortening manufacturing cycles and accelerating products to our customer.


Our connectivity products are used in many different electrical applications. Therefore, we find a wide range of markets and its segments for our products. Some of industries where our product are used:

  • heating industry
  • industry of electrical system production
  • industry of farming and construction machines
  • vending industry
  • renewable energy industry
  • white-brown goods industry
  • lighting industry
  • industrial machines industry


Most important El-Set’s customers are well known producers working in these industries. The biggest share of total sales is exported to European market, mainly to Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, France etc., and less is delivered to the domestic market.

El-Set’s policy in marketing is to increase market share, by keeping and expanding the scope of cooperation with current customers and winning new customers in countries where we are already presented as well as on the other markets having demand for our kind of products.

Why choose us?

We are good choice whenever one of our current or future customers seeking cost reductions or outsourcing some of their operations, when they looking to relocate production due to lower costs, when they start a new product line, when they need support in the growth and development of their current business, when they want to improve their manufacturing experience in manufacturing connection products or when they have to offset the lack of workforce, we are a good choice.

El-Set differences that set us apart and provide our customers with cost-saving, high quality and reliable solutions of our expert services, as the benefits that bring our customers competitive advantages they need and help them in their growth and development, are:

Cost saving. Ensuring profitability for our customer is based on competitive pricing and cost reduction.

High quality. Reputation of recognized quality, conformity, reliability, durability, outstanding product performance is based on our commitment to achieve the highest level of quality in everything we do.

Reliable deliveries. Very high on-time delivery rate for all of our customer is based on our focus on timeliness of deliveries, fast and flexible production and delivery planning and implementation of various systems (buffer stock, JST… ) for ensuring stability and security of deliveries.

Experience and knowledge. Long experience of our staff in the field of production of cable harnesses and the knowledge resulting from experience is based on a long-term relationships with customers and suppliers.

Technical support and assistance and proactive approach throughout the entire life of the product and a close co-operation developed with our customers based on ability and capacity to actively participate in technical improvements, participate in solving technical problems arising in products and processes, support new projects and growth and shorten lead times and speed time to market and meet deadlines.

Production flexibility based on manufacturing capability from low to serial production, on ability to adjust capacity in terms of changing in volumes to customers request, on ability to fast adapt to new product, fast and flexible production and delivery planning, rapid prototyping or sampling of cables harnesses… and similar abilities which allows to shorten delivery time.