• Hrvatski
  • (m:) +385 49 461 301
    (f:) +385 49 461 337
  • Josipa Kraša 3, 49247 Zlatar
    Bistrica, Croatia

Why choose us as a supplier?

Simply because our strenghts are:

  • KNOWLEDGE based on longtime technical experience
  • QUALITY of products 100% meets both the requirements of international standards (ISO 9001: 2000) and special standards of the customers
  • COMPETITIVE PRICING based on low labor cost in the region, continously productivity increase and market research
  • PROACTIVE APPROACH based on active participation in technical improvements with our customers
  • DIVERSITY of possible types of products according to different technology and applications
  • FLEXIBILITY in deliveries based on our availability to adjust production volume, on close european market, on transportation accessability and JIT deliveries
  • NEARNESS of European market
  • WILLINGNES of all employees for further grow and development
  • POSSIBILITY of free capacity